DE:VOID is an indie, sidescrolling psychological horror game created by Eggion. A girl exploring the mysterious world of void brims with death and miseries. On her way to find her purpose, she meets another girl who resembles herself. This other girl may or may not help the girl to escape the void and reveal what secret lies behind.
A girl wakes up only to find herself inside an unknown environment.
A girl seems unable to remember anything, but still her heart swayed even without purpose.
Beyond the room she was trapped lies the vast world of white.
The world of void.
Boundless white embellished by many kinds of doors.
A girl venture through various realm behind the doors.
A girl meets other girls which is herself.
A girl discovered that she's still connected to her past.

New players are advised to refrain from navigating through this wiki's pages until they have fully completed the game because there are unmarked Spoilers present from the game DE:VOID.
Player discretion is advised.

The Girls
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The World

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